'Sleepless in Seattle' Turns 20

Sleepless in Seattle, every bad headline writer’s go-to inspiration, turns 20 in June. Let’s celebrate with some of the worst (best?) it wrought.

By Matthew Halverson May 22, 2013 Published in the June 2013 issue of Seattle Met

Swordless in Seattle (Newsweek, Nov 22, 1993)
Hairless in Seattle (Los Angeles Times, May 25, 1994)
Wifeless in Seattle (Money, October 1994)
Porkless in Seattle (Business Week, Oct. 16, 1995)
Tapeless in Seattle (The Oregonian, Dec 18, 1995)
Sockless in Seattle (The Seattle Times, Jan 8, 1996)
Meatless in Seattle (Vegetarian Times, Sept 1996, Feb 1998)
Mastless in Seattle (Boating, Jan 1997)
Sexless in Seattle (Forbes, Jan 26, 1998)
Voiceless in Seattle (The Spectator, Dec 4, 1999)
Eyeless in Seattle (Tulsa World, Dec 5, 1999)
Brainless in Seattle (National Journal, Dec 11, 1999)
Common Senseless in Seattle (U.S. Catholic, Feb 2000)
Sleeveless in Seattle (Vogue, Sept 2000)
Spineless in Seattle (San Francisco Chronicle, July 25, 2002)
Clothesless in Seattle (Tri-City Herald, Nov 21, 2008)
Endless in Seattle (The Oregonian, Oct 17, 2010)


Published: June 2013

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