Will Braden
The Garfield grad’s Henri the Existential Cat—a series of avant-garde YouTube videos about feline angst—is now a book; has no one told Braden about kitty Prozac?

Brian Greene
Alert: The headliner for the Seattle Science Festival is the friendly theoretical physicist who wrote The Elegant Universe, not Brian Austin Greene from Beverly Hills 90210 (Paramount Theatre, June 6).

Alana McGee
The dog trainer teaches mutts to forage wild edibles. We’re only inviting her if she brings her pooch Duff—who sniffed out British Columbia’s first French Périgord truffle this spring—and the truffle.

Jane Abbott Lighty and Pete-e Petersen
Seattle’s first legally married gay couple will serve as grand marshals for this year’s Pride Parade; heck, any couple that’s been together for 35 years and still has the newlywed glow deserves a parade (June 30).

Ryan Moore
Puyallup’s own golf phenom putted a good game in April’s Masters Tournament even though he finished behind our other golf hero, Fred Couples. We’ll cheer very quietly as he takes on June’s U.S. Open. was

Amy Roe
The Real Change editor already working on a Boston Marathon book before she narrowly missed the bombs at the finish line—her tome should be a sobering look at why we run. 


Published: June 2013