Richard Blais
The faux-hawked Top Chef All-Stars winner is Dry Soda’s new creative director. If only Padma were still here so he could sous vide a bottle of soda for her.

Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz
The local authors of Fine Foliage show gardeners which plants work well together. Pssst: You really should stop planting your rhodies next to the orchids. (Sky Nursery, May 25)

Ray Conner
More than 35 years after getting his start on the 727 factory line, the CEO of Boeing’s commercial wing is facing the Dreamliner battery crisis head on—bet he could use one epic nap.   

Ryan Cory
In his first year as pseudo supervillian Rex Velvet, he pestered pseudo superhero Phoenix Jones, partnered with Make-A-Wish, and started a line of vodka. Total world domination remains frustratingly elusive. 

Sharon Foster
The chair of the state liquor control board is busy figuring out Washington’s marijuana legislation, hopefully by codifying “pass the dutchie on the left-hand side” into actual law.

Stevie Nicks
Our lady of flowing scarves accompanies a reformed Fleetwood Mac to the Tacoma Dome, but we’re bummed Christine “Songbird” McVie opted out of the drama—er, tour. (May 20) 


Published: May 2013