Perfect Party

Here’s who we’d invite if we could entertain this month’s most interesting visitors, locals, and newsmakers.

By Allison Williams March 20, 2013 Published in the April 2013 issue of Seattle Met

David Black
The British Columbia media mogul’s Sound Publishing now owns Seattle Weekly and the Daily Herald in Everett—what if print newspapers are making a comeback and only the Canadians foresee it?

Sally Jewell 
Barack Obama asked the CEO of REI to be his new Secretary of the Interior, probably because he thinks he’ll get early entrance to the co-op’s epic garage sales. Wait in line with the rest of us, Mr. President.

Thierry Rautureau
The Chef in the Hat’s headwear shtick lasted through Rover’s 25-year run, but now that Seattle’s original farm-to-fine-dining spot is closing, we expect a new nickname: Chef in a Barcalounger.

Jim Whittaker 
A Mountaineers gala fetes the 50th anniversary of his ascent of Everest, the first by an American. Fun fact: The onetime CEO of REI was also once a rumored pick for Secretary of the Interior—when RFK ran for president. (Apr 20)

Ann and Nancy Wilson 
Seattle’s hardest-rocking sister act is finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; we’ll celebrate by wailing along to “Alone” at their Benaroya gig. (You’re welcome, fellow attendees.) (Apr 9)

Jack Zduriencik 
The M’s general manager ponied up $175 mil to keep Felix Hernandez in town as rumors circled that King Felix had elbow issues. What’s the MLB return policy on slightly dented perfect-game pitchers?


Published: April 2013

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