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Lynn Shelton's Seattle Film Family Tree

Maybe it's a "many-tentacled web." Regardless, the local film community is one very supportive bunch.

By Seattle Met Staff March 29, 2013

As the tide rises for Lynn Shelton, the director of Humpday and Touchy Feely—and episodes of Mad Men and The New Girl—so goes the Seattle film community, as collaborative a bunch as ever. For our 50 Most Influentiual People in Seattle Right Now list, where Shelton is featured, arts editor Laura Dannen put together a sort-of film family tree to show just how supportive the Seattle scene is.

Up next for Shelton: You’ll hear her voice in the upcoming Paul Rudd/Emile Hirsh vehicle Prince Avalanche; and she has a part in Megan Griffiths’s Seattle-shot Lucky Them, now in production. But the latest news, according to, is that Shelton will direct Anne Hathaway, Sam Rockwell, and Chloe Moretz (aka the saucy teen who went head to head with Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock) in the new dark comedy Laggies, which is so new iMDB just lists "????" as its release date. It's going to be a busy year.

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