Remember the so-called "dance tax" in Washington? The retail sales tax on venues where there's an "opportunity to dance"? That's crippled Seattle establishments like Century Ballroom and Tractor Tavern with tens of thousands in back taxes?
The people want to be heard...and they're bringing music.
Century Ballroom recently posted information about a "dance-in" organized for April 1 on the capitol steps in Olympia, in protest of the sales tax and in support of SB5613. (That's state Sen. Ed Murray’s bill to eliminate the dance tax—technically, “providing that certain cover charges for the opportunity to dance are not considered retail sales.”) Details are below.

When April 1 (not an April Fool's joke), 11:30am–2pm
Where Steps of the capitol building, Olympia (parking map here)
All Ages
What Per Century Ballroom: "ALL STYLES OF DANCE will be played­, including music generally heard in' concert' venues, to show that those who want to dance can dance to anything, anytime, anywhere.
Yes, it might rain, and we will still be dancing—get out your favorite raincoat and boots! Whether or not you are a dancer, we want to you to be there as a show of support!" See you in Olympia! There’s no better way to say 'Are you kidding, a TAX ON DANCING???'"

[Ed's note: Three question marks. You know they mean business.]

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