Crazy cat man Ben Huh

Five years ago, "Ben Huh didn’t know what a meme was. Heck, he didn’t even know how to pronounce the word. (Hint: rhymes with team.) Then the Queen Anne tech junky bought I Can Has Cheezburger—the insanely popular online scratching post built around crazy cat pics with absurdist, pidgin-English captions—and learned the power of infectious Internet phenomena. Since then he’s expanded his empire to nearly 50 similarly zeitgeisty sites, hosted [at least] two Cheezburger nights at Safeco Field for feline-loving fans, and turned a healthy profit off of web-based time wasters. ... We can has more?"Matthew Halverson in conversation with Ben Huh, 2010

We can has more. On November 7 Huh and his crew of fledgling stand-up comics who "speak cat lady" get their TV moment when Bravo debuts the first season of reality show LOLwork, featuring Cheezburger's Seattle office. Lucky us: A preview of the first episode is already online. Welcome to one of many time-wasters on this glorious Friday. And yes, this does look a lot like The Office.


Bravo, Nov 7 at 11pm

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