Met Picks: The Top Things to See or Do in October

Yes, Michael Henrichsen, Billy Idol will play your birthday. And we’re all invited.

By Laura Dannen September 19, 2012 Published in the October 2012 issue of Seattle Met


“All right mate, untwist your knickers: We’re doing it.”

Cue the rebel yell. After two years of hounding Billy Idol to play his birthday party, Seattle’s Michael Henrichsen will get his wish as he turns 26. The bleached-blond pop icon sent a video RSVP to a giddy Henrichsen in August, announcing that the Showbox SoDo concert “is sure to be one of the most memorable birthday parties your city has ever known.” Oct 26, Showbox SoDo,

Listen to: Love This Giant
Former Talking Head David Byrne and indie songstress St. Vincent have teamed up on a new album of lilting, dreamy pop punctuated with funky sax. Afrobeat gods Antibalas and Sharon Jones’s regular soul band the Dap-Kings make guest appearances; the duo arrives with its own brass section for CityArts Fest. Oct 17, 5th Avenue Theatre,

Word Play

Pronounced: EL-pha-bah
Definition: What friends and family call the Wicked Witch of the West in Wicked.
Insiders know: It’s a phonetic play off Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum’s initials: L. F. B. 
Oct 10–Nov 17, Paramount Theatre,

Pronounced: JEFF-ree MITCH-ul 
Definition: Talented Seattle sculptor whose 25 years of ceramic art is on show at the Henry.
Insiders know: The second e in his first name escaped through the gap in his front teeth.
Oct 27–Jan 27, Henry Art Gallery,

Pronounced rah-MY-yah-nah
Definition: The epic story of hero Rama on a quest to save his wife from a 10-headed king.
Insiders know: That you drop the “nah” in northern India (and at ACT) for rah-MY-yan.
Oct 12–Nov 11,  ACT Theatre,


Tools of the Trade
In 1976 pioneering performance artist Laurie Anderson created a new musical instrument, the Viophonograph. “By replacing the strings of a violin with a small, battery-operated turntable that held her own small vinyl records whose grooves correspond to notes on a violin, she was able to use her bow as a needle to make a sound much like a violin,” reads the description at the Henry, where her creation is on display. Anderson continues to innovate; she’ll perform a new musical work, Dirtday!, in Seattle this month. Oct 20, Meany Hall,


Bill Cosby on turning 75…
“Some people do this every day…and some don’t.”

Like cheese, jeans, and a fine Bordeaux, he only gets better with age. 
Oct 21, Benaroya Hall,

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