Perfect Party

Here’s who we’d invite to a dinner party if we could entertain September’s most interesting visitors, locals, and newsmakers.

By Allison Williams August 21, 2012 Published in the September 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Matthew Inman
Sued for defamation, the local creator of the online web cartoon The Oatmeal responded by raising $211,000 for charity and photographed himself with the cash and flipping the bird. Hey, no one mistakes web comic writers for Miss Manners. 

Walter Pisano
This month marks 20 years since the chef opened downtown Italian staple Tulio Ristorante, and little has changed since—not the menu, the regulars, or the pasta pounds we put on our hips. 

Melinda Gates
She’s throwing down $560 million for contraceptives for poor women, but the Catholic Mrs. Microsoft faces one hurdle. Hint: He lives in Rome and parks the Popemobile in his garage.

Don’t pretend you weren’t just humming the catchy summer hit “Somebody I Used to Know”—yes, the song is totally about your ex. See you when the Belgian-­Australian singer-songwriter does Bumbershoot. (Sept 1, Seattle Center)

Angela Vogel
It’s not that legally marrying a corporation didn’t work; her stunt promoted a city initiative to end corporate personhood. But isn’t the activist chagrined that her union was outlasted by Kim Kardashian’s nuptials?

Matt Flynn
Welcome to the Seahawks, new quarterback! Now win. And don’t choke. Or get a DUI. Or move to Oklahoma. Or get traded to the Yankees. Sports fans are a little fragile here. (Sept 16, CenturyLink Field)

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