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David Bazan Celebrates Control's 10th Anniversary with Tour

The artist formerly known as Pedro the Lion brings his most acclaimed album to the Neptune.

By Seth Sommerfeld August 20, 2012


For the past few years, Seattle songwriter David Bazan has been trekking across the country and playing intimate living room concerts. As someone who has attended more than a couple of those living room shows, I can attest that there were always a few fans who would perk up (and even let out a "woot" or two) anytime he’d reach into the vault and bust out a rendition of “Options” or “Priests and Paramedics”—songs from Control, the 2002 album by Bazan’s former band Pedro the Lion. For those select few Pedro the Lion devotees, today’s news induces giddiness (also sorrow, because those songs are super depressing). To celebrate Control’s 10th anniversary, Bazan and his band will play the abum in its entirety on their fall tour, opening November 1 in Boise and wrapping December 15 with a concert at Neptune Theatre. Pedro the Lion's back catalog, including Control, will also be reissued on vinyl October 30 via Jade Tree (preorder is available now) for the first time since their initial releases. There's plenty of time to get a few turntable spins in before the show.

While the tour was announced as "David Bazan plays Pedro the Lion's Control," that's something of a misnomer. David Bazan was, for all intents and purposes, Pedro the Lion. He was the only constant in the band and played most of the instruments on each Pedro the Lion album. Bazan dissolved the "band" after battles with drinking and a loss of his Christian faith led him to start anew as a true solo artist. And as much as he'd thrived on his own, we're happy to see Pedro back.

David Bazan Plays Control
Dec 15 at 9, Neptune Theatre, $16–$18

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