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Celebrate King Felix's Perfect Game This Tuesday at Safeco

The Mariners are turning the King's Court into a Supreme Court.

By Laura Dannen August 17, 2012

Seattle stood still on Wednesday for about seven minutes: the amount of time it took Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez to work his way through the top of the ninth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays. Perfection was on the line.He started with pinch hitter Desmond Jennings—no match for King Felix’s92 mph fastball.

Two outs to go.

Jeff Keppinger put the ball “in play,” the two scariest words to appear on ESPN Gamecast when you’re following the making of a perfect game on the sly at work. You shout a choice obscenity; Keppinger, thankfully, grounds out.

One out to go.

Sean Rodriguez gets ahead in the count, two balls, no strikes. Felix answers with two nasty breaking balls, the kind that make professional ballplayers swing like tee-ballers. One strike to go, and it was a beauty. The batter just stood there looking as history sailed by. Mariners win 1-0. Felix wins. And Mudville rejoiced.

Mariners Double A team reaction:

If you missed the perfect game—Felix’s first, the Mariners' first, and only the 23rd in Major League Baseball history—the team will relive the good times this coming Tuesday night when Felix takes the mound against the Cleveland Indians. His cheering section in left field, the King’s Court, will become an even bigger Supreme Court; and the first 34,000 people entering the ballpark will receive a yellow “King of Perfection” T-shirt and a commemorative “K” card (for strikeouts) with a photo from the perfect game on the back. Expect a lively tribute.

Tickets (some discounted $10–$30) are sale now at

Seattle Mariners v. Cleveland Indians
Aug 21 at 7:10, Safeco Field

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