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Today’s SIFF Pick: Welcome to Doe Bay

It’s a 75-minute love note to "the best music festival you’ve never heard of."

By Laura Dannen May 30, 2012

The Maldives let their hair down at Doe Bay.

Every summer for the past five years, your indiest of friends have been sneaking off to Orcas Island for a weekend stay at a 40-acre waterfront resort and to sing around the campfire with their favorite Northwest indie rock bands. This is Doe Bay Festival, "the best festival you’ve never heard of." Until now. Filmmakers Sarah Crowe, CB Shamah, and Dan Thornton have created a 75-minute love note to Doe Bay featuring live concert footage and more interviews with local acts than a KEXP broadcast. It works better as an ad than a film; the closest thing to drama is the "Should we allow hip hop?" debate the organizers have. And after a while, even the proudest supporters of grassroots organizing will get sick of the "we don’t advertise, big festivals are too commercial" mantra. Too much earnestness lands you on a Portlandia episode. But if you love the Maldives, the Head and the Heart, Pickwick, Lemolo, and Ravenna Woods; if you would die to see Cobirds Unite play outside a cave, or come across Bryan John Appleby strumming his guitar in the middle of the woods; if you simply want a primer in Seattle music, Welcome to Doe Bay is a great ticket.

Screenings: June 3 at 9:15 (Egyptian Theatre), June 5 at 9:30 (SIFF Cinema Uptown)

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