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Today’s SIFF Pick: The Do-Deca Pentathlon

The Brothers Duplass are at it again.

By Laura Dannen May 22, 2012

In the latest mumblecore film by writers/directors/producers/mother sharers Jay and Mark Duplass, two brothers revive a decade-old rivalry that pits them against each other in a "Do-Deca Pentathlon": 25 events. Winner is crowned the better brother. Competitive? Nah. The original event created a canyon-sized rift between the two, and while the film could descend into a goofy montage of grown men with beer guts playing games—ping pong! arm wrestling! laser tag with Grandma!—it has a bit of heart and soul to it, too. Turns out sibling rivalry extends beyond the Do-Deca playing field. "There’s no love lost," says brother Jeremy. "We just can’t find it right now and we’re looking for it."

Screenings: May 22 at 4:30 (SIFF Cinema Uptown).

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