See this energy, and more, in Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker

Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker isn’t your little sister’s Nutcracker. There’s no little Clara, and come to think of it, no nutcracker. But for the past five years, the racy dance, shake, and jiggle of the sugar plum fairies has packed the Triple Door, where the dancers show a lot of skin, and a lot of skill. It’s one of the few “ballets” that features a man en pointe; and the aerial act—with two angels flipping through a hoop dangling from the ceiling—could compete with anything you’d see at Teatro ZinZanni.

Then there’s Waxie Moon, a self-proclaimed “gender-blending-queer-lady-boylesque-performance-art stripping sensation” who steals the show as the Rat King in a Louis XIV-style wig (a towering mess made of four regular wigs). Moon began performing boylesque in 2006—armed with an MFA in acting from the University of Washington and time spent studying ballet and modern dance at Juilliard. He’s polished and professional, and his nonstop charm demands your attention.

For the first in a new series of “Fiendish Conversations,” we chatted with Waxie about his in-season habits, the making of the Rat King, and the sexiest dancers in the country:

What’s your pre-performance routine?
I usually sleep in because I’ve been performing the night before. I watch something silly like Modern Family. An enormous lunch, shower, and shave. Meditate for five minutes. Seven sun salutations. Walk to the theatre. An hour doing makeup, because I like the elaborate makeup. That’s how I find the character, because the mask helps me find it. Warm up. Throw on my costume. Three deep breaths.

How did you approach this season’s Rat King?
At this point, the Rat King is deeply known to me, because I’ve been this character for a while. I can relax and be spontaneous now. And when I put on that Louis XIV wig, I feel fiery and ridiculous.

What’s the highlight of this year’s performance?
The opening act—the snowstorm. It has a touch of Rockettes, a touch of classic Christmas, as well as bump and grind. Plus, it actually snows.

What is the best performance (local or touring) you’ve seen in the last year?
This group of extraordinary boylesque performers from Chicago called the Stage Door Johnnies. There are three of them. Their sense of humor is awesome. Sexy, sexy, sexy. … They reinvigorate me for this form.

What local artist in your field should we watch for?
Inga Ingenue. I have the pleasure of performing with her in the pop dance trio Dance Belt. She’s also a great solo performer. One of the best burlesque performers in the world right now. My father is in love with her.

If you weren’t a performer, what else would you want to do?
Long pause …There’s nothing else.

How/where do you unwind after a show?
In my apartment, with my cat, Charlie.

What do you think about critics?
I really appreciate thoughtful dialogue about any art form—so as long as it’s thoughtful, I welcome it.

Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker is at the Triple Door thru Dec 24. Tickets are $28–$45. The feature film “Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel” will make its regional premiere this October at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

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