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Woman Yells "Boring!" at Symphony Concert

Everyone’s a critic.

By Allison Williams November 30, 2011

The peanut gallery would like to weigh in.

The word is "Bravo." You yell it when a performance particularly pleases you. What’s not okay: hollering "Boring!" during a show that fails to meet your exacting standards.

As reported in The Kitsap Sun police blotter—and picked up nationally, because the story is hilarious—one woman yelled "Boring!" during a recent symphony performance at the Bainbridge Performing Arts theater. But the lady wasn’t directing her audience ennui at the Brahms on the program (though let’s face it, Brahms is sleepier than an episode of Boardwalk Empire). She yelled because her teenage daughter was one of the musicians in the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra. Ouch.

Police were called, at which point the woman claimed that “that was how things were” in her relationship with her daughter. Theater staff also suggested that her nuanced musical critique was directed at the BSO’s new music director and conductor, Wesley Schulz.

There is a tradition of booing in the opera world, though it’s rare to see that kind of feedback at a local music performance. Our advice? If you’re going to heckle, take a page from masters Statler and Waldorf and make it a pun.

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