Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, circa the 1970s.

Over the past month we’ve handed out tickets to see Friendly Fires and the Posies, St. Vincent and Visqueen’s final concert. I have one more pair of tickets sitting on my desk. Enter to win a chance to see Jane Birkin in a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg at the Neptune Theatre on November 29.

It’s been 20 years since the passing of French iconoclast Serge Gainsbourg, a prolific songwriter and provocateur whose 550 songs and 30+ albums earned him bipolar praise (he was called everything from “debauched” to a “modern-day Baudelaire”). The Vatican banned his breathy duet “Je T’Aime … Moi Non Plus” (“I love you, me neither”), featuring orgasmic panting by Gainsbourg’s longtime lover Birkin, but that only encouraged him. He was a fervent drinker, smoker, poet, and paramour who bedded Brigitte Bardot—but it was Birkin he adored, who was mother to his daughter Charlotte, and who now owns a portion of Serge’s song catalog.

The British actress and chanteuse—a talented solo artist in her own right—is still going strong at 64. As for why now, why more Serge? She responds on her website:

I too wondered why I was singing Serge again, even if it was celibrating the 20 years after Serge’s death, even if it was a very personal 40 years since “Melody Nelson” but what did I have to offer … i’d done it all before, Serge in pop, arabesque, classic quator, 14 musiciens, 6 musiciens, a harp, a squeeze box, violins … this year others have started, their “Serge” was a new point of view, their interpretations… so I started contemplating, putting it all off …

Then there was the Japanese disaster … of unbelievable horror, earthquake, tsunami, and then the ghasly news of the nuclear horror, the like of which we had never witnessed … the images…

What to do ? I have known these people for forty years… “go there” I thought… tell them that back home folk are thinking of them, but get there, “and do what ?” what can I do ?….the only thing i can do… a concert …

Birkin is joined by Japanese musicians for her “Serge Gainsbourg and Jane via Japan” performance in Seattle. To enter to win tickets, email [email protected] with “Jane Birkin” as the subject, and a reason why you want to see the show, by Monday, November 14, at 10am. The winner will be notified by email shortly after the deadline.

Jane Birkin performs at the Neptune Theatre on November 29 at 8.

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