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Chronicle: The Found Footage Movie Set in Seattle That No One’s Heard Of

By Matthew Halverson November 22, 2011

If you’re a fan of genre/alien/bigfreakingmystery movies, you know that Super 8 comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD today. (You might have even entered the @Super8Movie scavenger hunt around Seattle.) If you’re not a fan of genre/alien/bigfreakingmystery movies, you should check it out anyway. J.J. Abrams’s latest—ostensibly about an alien terrorizing a small Ohio town—is actually a heartwarmer about a young boy who’s trying to come to grips with his mother’s death…while he searches for the alien terrorizing his small Ohio town. (Trust me, it works.) And even though it’s a blatant homage to ’80s-style adventure movies (Steven Spielberg produced) it manages to nod to the modern “found footage” approach that made Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity fun.

And speaking of found footage flicks, why aren’t we talking about Chronicle? Its trailer—which follows three teenagers through their increasingly dangerous experiments in telekinesis, and also happens to feature the Space Needle in every other shot—dropped a month ago yesterday. But no one I know is talking about it. Okay, it doesn’t come out until February. And maybe the rest of the country is burned out on superpowers and movies that look like they were shot with a Flipcam. But you’d think the Seattle connection could at least generate a little buzz around here. Me? If there’s more to it than just a bunch of kids blowing stuff up with their minds—like, say, an underlying theme exploring the challenges of being “different” as a high schooler—color me intrigued. And it’s written by Max Landis, son of prolific director John Landis. So that’s something.

What do you think? Are you over the found footage genre, even if it comes with a heaping helping of drizzly Seattle backdrops? Let us know in the comments.

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