CSS HMLAR from forrest borie on Vimeo.

Brazilian party people CSS show off their best moves in “Hits Me Like a Rock,” the first single off their latest album, La Liberación, which dropped this summer. (All I can pull off is the classic Running Man.)

It’s another gleeful synth-pop track from the Sao Paolo crew, with guest vocals by Primal Scream’s Bobbie Gillespie and a helping hand from Ratatat. I’m curious to see the kind of reaction CSS gets when they play the Neptune tonight (tickets are still available ); the former Sub Pop act broke from the label after a successful U.S. debut in 2006 with Cansei de Ser Sexy, and a downer of a second album, Donkey, in 2008. The dance party starts in the U District at 8pm.

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