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SIFF Reopens Uptown Cinema on October 20

With sing-alongs and screenings of your favorite movies.

By Laura Dannen October 18, 2011

Seattle rejoiced when SIFF Cinema announced its plans to take over and reopen the 85-year-old Uptown Theater, a beloved Lower Queen Anne haunt that shut last November because…well, it was 85 years old, had peeling purple paint, and was competing with cineplexes and movie theaters that serve booze. Face it: No one wants to pay $12 to sit in a busted old seat that sags in the middle. I’m talking to you, Landmark Guild 45th.

But thanks to a $2.8 million capital campaign that includes the renovated three-screen Uptown and a new Film Center at Seattle Center, SIFF is turning the lights back on in the neighborhood. You probably won’t see Avatar 2 here—SIFF’s year-round programming is mostly art house, foreign, and classic films, with a regular smattering of sing-along screenings—but this opening week is different. To honor the community, SIFF asked locals to submit their favorite films and memories from the Uptown, and based its lineup on your recommendations (see below).

Best part: Admission is free (Oct 23–27 only) with a same-day receipt from a Queen Anne area business (or $5 general admission). Tickets are available at the door, day of the show. I may or may not be at the Monty Python screening, because I may or may not be willing to admit it’s my favorite movie. Bring out your dead!

SIFF Cinema at the Uptown Grand Reopening Week

Thursday, Oct 20 @ 8pm Hedwig and the Angry Inch sing-along
Friday, Oct 21 @ 9:30pm Purple Rain sing-along
Saturday, Oct 22 @ 5 & 7pm Grease sing-along
(Sing-alongs $12, part of Heineken City Arts Fest)

Sunday, October 23
Noon – Twentieth Century
1pm – West Side Story
2pm – Monty Python and the Holy Grail
3pm – Singin’ in the Rain
5pm – West Side Story
6pm – Monty Python and the Holy Grail
7pm – Singin’ in the Rain

Monday, October 24
5pm – The Royal Tenenbaums
6pm – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
7pm – Citizen Kane
8pm – Annie Hall
9pm – L.A. Confidential

Tuesday, October 25
5pm – Annie Hall
6pm – Singin’ in the Rain
7pm – The Godfather
8pm – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
9pm – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Wednesday, October 26
5pm – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
6pm – Twentieth Century
7pm – L.A. Confidential
8pm – The Royal Tenenbaums
9pm – Citizen Kane

Thursday, October 27
6pm – West Side Story
7pm – The Godfather
8pm – Bob and the Monster (a documentary about Bob Forrest, front man of LA post-punk band Thelonious Monster, whose music career was sidelined by addiction until he got clean and started counseling on Celebrity Rehab. This $15 admission includes a live performance by Thelonious Monster.)

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