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Hope Solo, Former UW Husky Goalie, Gets Naked for the Cover of ESPN Magazine

By Laura Dannen October 7, 2011


Hope Solo isn’t a shy girl. "Put me under the limelight. I think I can shine," the former UW Husky and US soccer goalie told us for our March 2008 "Have Fun and Stay Fit" issue (of which she graced the cover). She also wasn’t afraid to tell the press back in 2007 that her coach made a dumb move benching her in the World Cup semifinal. (The US lost to Brazil 4–0.) "It was the wrong decision and I think anybody that knows anything about the game knows that. I would have made those saves." Yowza.

Then there’s the whole Dancing with the Stars thing (she cha-cha’d into fourth place last night, reports The Seattle Times).

Which is why it’s no surprise she’s currently on the cover of ESPN The Magazine—in the buff. The 30-year-old Richland native is all muscle, a professional athlete in peak physical condition. She may struggle with her Viennese waltz, but she could kick your ass. And win gold medals in soccer. She’s one of 22 athletes featured in ESPN’s Body Issue, which hit newsstands today.

Want to know what it takes to look like Hope Solo? Here’s how she stays fit. I will now continue to eat my doughnut and not worry about being naked on a magazine cover.

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