Quiz: What year was this Uptown photo taken?

Seattle rejoiced when SIFF announced its plans to take over and reopen the 85-year-old Uptown Cinema, a beloved Queen Anne haunt that shut last November because…well, it was 85 years old, had peeling purple paint, and was competing with cineplexes and movie theaters that serve booze.

To celebrate its grand reopening October 23–27, SIFF wants your help picking five days of feature films to show. All you have to do is send them an email…

From SIFF:
Do you remember the films you saw first at the Uptown? Did you experience the joy and excitement of a new discovery? Did you have a meaningful moment that took place inside the theater – not just a film, but any memory associated with the Uptown (the smell of the popcorn, a funny anecdote, maybe even a budding love story)?

Email your memories by September 26 to [email protected] SIFF will announce the final selection of films in early October and one entry will be selected as a grand prize winner and receive a year-long pass to SIFF Cinema at the Uptown.

SIFF Cinema at the Uptown, formerly an AMC Loews three-screen, reopens at 511 Queen Anne Ave N on October 23, and for a special members-only celebration on October 20.

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