We still love books, but an e-reader is much nicer on the arms than Freedom.

I have been waiting very impatiently for this arrangement, but the time has come. You can now borrow ebooks from the Seattle Public Library and King County Library System and read them on your Kindle, according to the Seattle P-I. Yessss. The public library has download instructions on its site, spl.org, (under Library Collections), but here’s the gist:

If you have a library card number, you can download digital ebooks, audio books, video, and music onto your computer or e-reader. All you do is pick a title and click "Send to Kindle." After 21 days, the download automatically returns to the library, so no late fees, and no slogging up that nasty hill to 5th Avenue to get to SPL. You can also borrow from the Project Gutenberg collection, which includes 15,000 titles (lots of classics, Twain and Shakespeare) that never expire.

According to csmonitor.com, roughly 11,000 community libraries are participating. And apparently, Amazon is just catching up to its competitors. Digital lending service OverDrive, which supports this new deal with Amazon, already offers Nook and Sony Reader owners some access to public libraries.

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