Slideshow: Seattle’s Boardwalk Empire Sneak Peek

We put on our best bowler hat for a party and preview of season 2.

By Heather Fink September 19, 2011


The scene at Belltown’s Big Picture bar and cinema last Friday was decidedly un-Seattle. Locals dressed in bowler hats and flapper dresses? Strangers mingling? A man brandishing a Tommy gun in a dimly lit underground bar? Okay, the Tommy gun was a fake, but the costumes—and a palpable buzz in the air—were real.

Thanks to the high concentration of Seattle-area Facebook fans for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, our city played host to a sneak preview of season two of the Prohibition-era drama, followed by a pub crawl with complimentary food and booze. The theater, with seats for 100, was filled nearly to capacity as Shea Whigham (Sheriff Eli Thompson) took center stage to properly introduce the show. Despite delivering a recap of last season with a quality Jersey accent, Whigham was decidedly tight-lipped about the rest of the new season.

The good news: The second season of Boardwalk hasn’t faltered in costuming, acting, or drama. Nucky faces new challenges [SPOILER!] following his arrest for election fraud, Chalky White goes up against the KKK, and Agent Van Alden’s wife Rose comes to Atlantic City for their anniversary (which proves to be a strangely hypnotizing, slightly awkward occasion).

View the slideshow for more from Friday night’s Seattle "speakeasy crawl."

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