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TONIGHT: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and hitRECord at the Neptune

He’s more than a pretty face. He’s the head of an "open collaborative production company."

By Laura Dannen August 23, 2011

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has done Disney and prime time, hacked dreams with Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception and played the romantic to Zooey Deschanel’s hardass in (500) Days of Summer. He’s been a triple threat since he was six, so don’t expect him to just step on stage at the Neptune Theatre tonight and talk about what it’s like to host Saturday Night Live. He has something else in mind.

For the past five years, Columbia grad Gordon-Levitt (or “Joe,” as he seems to prefer) has managed an open collaborative production company called that brings together Hollywood and non-Hollywood types alike to work on multimedia projects, like so:

What is hitRECord?

It’s aggregated art—remember, “remix isn’t theft here”—and Joe encourages everyone to get involved, including the audience at tonight’s hitRECord At the Movies. It’s one of the rare shows where you’re asked to turn your phone/cameras on, because you never know—tonight’s recordings may be next year’s Sundance short film. You can’t be precious about your copyright; on the plus side, director Joe pitches the best films to his industry friends. If your project is sold, company and collaborators split the earnings 50-50.

Given the trippy melange of film and music at the live event, I’ll defer to this intro of one of the first hitRECord at the Movies:

This is the version we played at The Vista Theater, the first time we Hit RECord At The Movies. For our upcoming shows in Seattle and SF, I’d like to keep the audio of this one, but layer on more, different visuals. CUT TO THE BEAT.

HitRECord at the Movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt is tonight at 8:30 at Neptune Theatre. Call 1-877-STG-4TIX or visit the box office for tickets.

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