From left: Daryl Hall, John Oates, and Oates’s mustache.

Quote of the Week goes to Lou Medrano, a recent LA transplant and founder of Sound Fest, the new all-ages punk music festival kicking off tonight with a pre-party at El Corazon. See, it wouldn’t be appropriately punk without a little taunting. Medrano talked to Seattle Weekly’s Dave Lake about bringing in a “diverse lineup that didn’t overlap” with other upcoming festivals—specifically, behemoth Bumbershoot, which waddles over to Seattle Center in two weeks and plunks down with its assortment of rappers, rockers, folk heroes, indie kids, and aging pop stars.

“I look at Bumbershoot and I see Hall and Oates headlining and I’m just in awe,” Medrano said. “Is that really what people in Seattle want?”

Excellent question. Seattle, is that what you want? How deep does our nostalgia run? I don’t get it either.

Sound Fest, your Hall and Oates antidote, runs August 19-21 at venues across Seattle, including El Corazon, Vera Project, Neumos, the Funhouse and the Comet. Tickets to see some 70+ local and national punk acts are available at

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