In Case You Missed Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Neptune Theatre…

I took a few notes.

By Laura Dannen August 25, 2011

Google actor “Joseph Gordon-Levitt” and it’s not his Wiki or iMDB page that comes up first—it’s, his “open collaborative production company” that I wrote about on Tuesday. Seems he’s hit a nerve with his aggregated-art approach. It defies pride and copyright, but it’s drawn thousands of wannabe writers, filmmakers, cartoonists, and musicians to online multimedia projects that might also attract the likes of Sean Lennon. Yes, you could work on a video with Sean Lennon.

Say you write a story about strawberry bootlaces and submit it to the website; someone might do a voiceover reading of that story. Someone else might add a score to it, and it actually turns out well. Then JGL might feature it during one of his live shows, like Tuesday night’s hitRECord at the Movies at the Neptune Theatre. It was the “biggest fucking show” he’d ever done with his five-year-old company—he sold the place out—but it feels like he’s on the verge of something bigger.

I also learned a bit about Seattle at the Neptune. As residents of the top tech city in the country, we are more than ready to geek out over a multimedia experiment. When JGL asked us to turn our recorders on—not off—out came a couple hundred smartphones, DSL cameras, and iPads. We weren’t scorned for tweeting during the show—we were encouraged. He asked the audience to tweet what makes Seattle a unique city in real time, then picked his four favorite responses and brought those people on stage to talk about their hometown. The winners:

The first time I saw the city at twilight, I felt a small part of something grand.

Baby got back, kung fu legend, computer genius. Need I say more?

It has the largest number of women who look like lesbians but aren’t.

Seattle is a city with the heart of a small town.

(Find more on Twitter #seattlerecords.)

And the night wouldn’t be complete unless we indulged a Hollywood guy’s request to cover Nirvana.

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