The movie rights are sold…but what about a Barefoot Bandit-branded pedicure?

It was only a matter of time. Colton Harris-Moore, the barefoot Camano Island native who stole fancy stuff from rich people in the Pacific Northwest, has sold his life story to Hollywood. For $1.3 million, he passes along the tale of how the then-teenager nabbed small planes and boats, taunted police, and was finally captured in a hail of bullets in the Bahamas last summer.

Harris-Moore was known as the Barefoot Bandit due to his sometimes-shoeless m.o. (The Northwest could do worse; at least he wasn’t the Socks-With-Sandals Bandit.) Rumors of his silver-screen payout have been active since last year, and Dustin Lance Black, who penned Milk, has already written a draft of the film. But 20th Century Fox didn’t formally announce the deal until this week, along with details about how Harris-Moore won’t personally profit from selling his story— the cash will all go to victim restitution.

The story isn’t quite as cheerful as the Catch Me If You Can-style movie we’ll probably get. Harris-Moore’s history includes juvenile detention and ‘a home situation marked by instability, loss and alcohol abuse.’ His plane crashes and wanted posters helped mythologize the teen as a latter-day Billy the Kid. During the Tinseltown wheeling and dealing, federal prosecutors had to okay the rights for sale before it went through.

The Herald’s Jackson Holtz, who literally wrote the book on Harris-Moore, reports that Zac Efron is in talks to play the Bandit in the movie. Who would you like to see as the most captivating local criminal since D.B. Cooper?

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