From the Seattle Summer Events Guide:

July 8: Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglass at Marymoor Park

Admittedly, I was drawn to Alison Krauss because of the company she kept—the same probably holds true for thousands of Led Zeppelin fans who picked up Robert Plant’s new album in 2007 and went “who’s that chick?” when they saw its cover. Their Grammy-winning collaboration had the benefit of T. Bone Burnett’s production savvy—he handpicked what’s been called an eclectic collection of covers for the odd couple’s duets; in doing so, he introduced a legion of rockers to a bluegrass beauty.

After her mega success with Plant, Krauss, who turns 40 this month, has returned to her roots—recording and touring again with Union Station, her backing band since the late ‘80s. She’s a little more country on new album Paper Airplane, but those vocals are still worthy of a rock god.

Krauss and Union Station are joined by guitarist Jerry Douglas tonight at 7 at Marymoor Park. Tickets ($58) are still available.