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Game of Thrones Author George R. R. Martin at Town Hall Seattle on Friday

Fanboys rejoice: He’s bringing his new book, A Dance With Dragons.

By Laura Dannen July 25, 2011

Photo courtesy Karolina Webb.

That’s no sea captain George R. R. Martin has been called the “American Tolkien” by Time magazine.

I started watching new HBO series Game of Thrones in a panicked, post-Harry Potter state, when everyone was recommending fantasy or YA series to fill the void (The Hunger Games! Twilight!). Five days and 10 episodes later (thank you, On Demand), I was hooked on this Tolkien-esque soap opera with its warring noble families trying to out-crazy each other in their make-believe kingdom. There’s swordplay, murder, incest, dragon babies, and the looming threat of a deadly winter and bloodthirsty woodland spirits migrating south. Amazingly, 10 hours of Emmy-nominated TV comes from one 800-page book by novelist George R. R. Martin—the first in his series A Song of Ice and Fire, as elaborate an epic as the Lord of the Rings trilogy with the feverish following of Pottermania. Fanboys have been hooked since the first installment came out in 1996, and have patiently awaited the fifth and latest novel, A Dance With Dragons, for the last six years. What took him so long?

“Look how thick it is,” Martin said at a New York book signing, holding up the 1,000-page tome (Associated Press). Fair point. He also has two more Ice and Fire books planned, bringing the total number to seven by … 2020? How long will Martin’s beard be by then?

The Ice and Fire author will be at Town Hall Seattle on Friday at 7:30pm to talk about Whitewalkers and dragons and direwolves. Tickets are $35 (includes one copy of A Dance with Dragons), and can be reserved by calling 206-545-4363.

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