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Derek Erdman Exhibit Opens Tonight at Vermillion

You’ve heard of slow food? This is Old Food.

By Laura Dannen July 14, 2011

Remember RC Cola? Didn’t it taste like cough syrup?

Pop artist and satirist Derek Erdman is (finally) showcasing his work in a local exhibit, starting tonight at Vermillion as part of the Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk. To be fair: It’s not like Erdman’s been a recluse since he moved here from Chicago last year. He had a Seattle-skewering collection "The Alligator, the Crocodile, Laughs, Lies and Some Great Things of the State of Washington" on display during the Crocodile’s two-year anniversary party in April, and his work appears regularly in The Stranger. I’d imagine the free Carol Channing drawings he’s doing for every resident of Seattle will keep him busy, too.

But we need more Erdman! He blends sass and nostalgia in his latest exhibit Old Food, a collection of paintings of antiquated packaging and long-forgotten restaurant signs. "There’s a history of food packaging that is very important to remember," Erdman says on Vermillion’s website. "Unfortunately, I can’t give you the reasons why." Erdman tends to cover what he calls "flash-in-the-pan current events" and "second-tier celebrities," but Old Food is a bit more sentimental. "I have no desire for old food as a thing though," he adds. "That’s gross."

Each piece on display is a one-off—no reproductions will be made, which is uncommon for a man who seems to embrace Factory production. See Old Food starting at 6 tonight at Vermillion, with work by New York artist Matt Volz.

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