James Cameron doesn’t do anything halfheartedly. His partnership with the Experience Music Project is Avatar: The Exhibition, a show that will stun even the most diehard fans of the 2009 blockbuster. Consisting of props, technology, and sketchbooks from the film, the exhibit is designed to give you a full Pandora education.

During last weekend’s series of events, from star-studded panels to a “blue” carpet entrance, viewers got a look at how the movie magic was made. The exhibit “amplifies creative contemporary culture,” says EMP’s curator Brooks Peck. Avatar fans not only have the opportunity to explore the world of Pandora, but they get the chance to create it, and, quite literally, step into it. Attendees are flocked by forest creatures even before entering: Outside the doors, digital projections of woodsprites—Pandora’s friendly jellyfish-like beings—swarm your shadow. For these kind of interactive displays, EMP enlisted the help of the folks who did the digital renderings for the movie.

James Cameron chose Seattle specifically for EMP, saying in a blue-carpet interview, “There isn’t a better venue in the world.” He describes the exhibit as both educational and experimental, and promises that it’s as authentic as he could make it. “In our minds, [Pandora] was a real world,” he says.

Take a look at our slideshow above to see blue Na’vi models, props from the film, and the interactive experiences that make up the show.

Avatar: The Exhibition is on display through September 3, 2012.

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