Concert Preview

Adele at the Paramount

Did you get a ticket?

By Annie Rose Favreau May 27, 2011

Cat eyes? Check.

The good news: Adele is coming! At this very moment, the British soul diva is making her way toward the Emerald City for her June 1 concert.

The bad news: The concert’s been sold out for weeks. (Even shifting the show to a larger venue —Showbox to Paramount—didn’t calm the ticket-buying frenzy.)

If you’re one of the lucky ticketholders, good job.

If not, well, you can always go the scalping route (not recommended: seats are selling for up to $2,000). The cheaper option is to stalk her on YouTube like the rest of us.

For the Adele completists, last month’s Rolling Stone has stories about Louie, her wiener dog, the smutty jokes she tells during concerts, and other fun facts (she once climbed out a fire-escape in Amsterdam due to stage fright).

If you’re really feeling bummed, put this Chelsea Lately interview on repeat and enjoy listening to Adele pronounce the words “ginger biscuit”:

Adele will sing at the Paramount June 1.

UPDATED 5/31 Laryngitis has caused Adele to postpone five upcoming shows, including her appearance at the Paramount. As of yet, there’s no word about when the Seattle show will be rescheduled. Stay tuned.

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