Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, All You Eco-Sinners

Time to make your confession.

By Laura Dannen April 22, 2011

My patron saint of environmentalism.

Fact: I turn the heat on—in April. I use paper towels like I’m on Bounty’s payroll. And I absolutely hate composting. Why do I need to have worms anywhere near my apartment?

Since today is Earth Day (and Good Friday, double whammy), I feel a twinge of guilt about my subterfuge of our planet. But cheeky Seattle environmental site is playing up the whole guilt thing for its Earth Confessions. Here’s the deal: Go to and type in your worst eco-sins (don’t worry, it’s as anonymous as you want it to be—which means you can also Tweet it). Then the site brings up your penance: a prayer card to any of five saints, like mine: St. Umbra, Lady of Green Living. Then you make your peace:

I recognize that I’m a voracious parasite, burrowed deep into Mother Earth’s tenders, constantly leaching precious energy and resources. I make an oath this day to divorce myself from my egomaniacal existence and become a giver instead of a taker. I will start by buying reusable grocery bags, animal friendly shampoo and some of those weird twisty lightbulbs next time I go to the store. Maybe even a hacky sack.

It’s kind of funny, and doubly so to read what other people consider their eco-sins. Like: "I sometimes flush the toilet before I use it," or "I use too many paper cups yo. I should reuse mugs and whatnot." Dude, for real.

So what are your eco-sins?

If you’re looking for a planet-friendly meal this weekend, check out Nosh Pit’s list of Earth Day Eats.

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