Pick Your Favorite New Mariners Commercial

You can’t go wrong with a 40-Year-Old Virgin reference.

By Matthew Halverson March 16, 2011

The cameras love Ichiro New Mariners commercials are up for your viewing pleasure at

The Mariners’ opening day is two weeks away, and that means two things: 1) Local baseball fans still have two weeks before the M’s start kicking them in the collective crotch on a daily basis, and 2) it’s time to rate the team’s latest collection of commercials. This year’s lineup, posted Monday at and produced as always by Copacino + Fujikado, is a mixed bag. You’ve got the ho-hum, Ichiro-centric “Swing Away,” which takes the old cliché “he can hit anything” way too literally. The sorta-funny “Encore Encore” has 2010 AL Cy Young Winner Felix Hernandez going incognito to fool new skipper Eric Wedge into letting him pitch on consecutive days. But our favorite, “Painful,” has a Steve Carell lookalike reassuring the woman who’s about to wax his chest that he can handle the pain because he’s a Mariners fan. If there’s one thing that makes mediocrity tolerable, it’s a franchise’s ability to laugh at itself.

So which of the M’s new commercials is your favorite?

The M’s start their season at Oakland on Apr 1, and play the Cleveland Indians in their home opener on April 8. Single-game tickets are now on sale at

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