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Slideshow: Presidents of the United States of America

She’s lump. She’s lump. She’s still in my head.

By Laura Dannen February 21, 2011


Hard not to flashback to 1996 inside Showbox at the Market this weekend, especially with all the crowdsurfing. Well, attempted crowdsurfing—a few landed on their heads, most ended up in the arms of the security guards, and one girl was spotted surfing face-down, which is never a good idea. But the whole look, sound, and feel of the Presidents of the United States of America show on Saturday night was familiar, like an alt-rock party that had thawed out after a long freeze. Sure, the rock fans had aged a bit and the flannel wasn’t as baggy, but there was lead singer Chris Ballew, bouncing away. Climbing up and leaping off of the bass drum. Back to bouncing. He even complimented the audience on its bouncing: "The crowd last night was old. You guys are bouncy," he told them to wild applause. It’s a high compliment from the master himself.

The Seattle rock trio opened with manic "Lunatic to Love" off their second album The Presidents of the United States of America II (1996), skipped to tracks off their 2008 album These Are the Good Times People, and then returned to the late, great "Lump." It’s still in my head.

View the slideshow for scenes from Friday night’s concert. All photos by Lucas Anderson.

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