Wait, is that flannel? Electro-rap duo THEESatisfaction. Photo courtesy Maceo Paisley.

Previously reported 3/1/10. Thirteen bands. One weekend. Local director Lynn Shelton’s $5 Cover: Seattle certainly has the glossy look and feel of an MTV show, as hot young things rock out and make out around town. For this series— finally set to “air” on MTV.com on December 15 —Shelton ( Humpday ) scripted short documentary-style webisodes based on the true stories of 13 up-and-coming local bands, covering the highs and lows of roots rockers the Maldives and the Moondoggies, electronic hip-hop group Champagne Champagne, singer-songwriter Sean Nelson, and bands that start with “Thee” (electro-rappers THEESatisfaction and the soul-infused Thee Emergency), plus Whiskey Tango, Tea Cozies, the Lights, Weekend, God, the Spits, and Corespondents. The national spotlight’s back on Seattle’s thriving music scene, and this time, there’s significantly less flannel being worn.

$5 Cover: Seattle Trailer from MTV New Media on Vimeo.

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