Pablo Picasso’s 1901 Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto (The Absinthe Drinker) sold for $51.2 million at a Christie’s auction this summer.

We’re big fans of SAM Remix, the Seattle Art Museum’s quarterly late-night party. All they have to do is say "bearded ladies" and "Andy Warhol," and we’re there.

But the next installment on Saturday, November 13, is the most enticing yet: It’s a chance to enjoy an absinthe cocktail before wandering through Pablo Picasso’s personal collection on the third floor. It’s a little too perfect. Consider Picasso’s affinity for the Green Fairy—there was Woman Drinking Absinthe (1901), The Absinthe Drinker (1901), Bottle of Pernod and Glass (1912), and the sculpture Absinthe Glass (1914). Clearly, he went through a phase. We think he would approve of SAM’s event sponsor (who else? Pernod).

But tickets to view the exhibit on Saturday night are booking up very, very quickly. Don’t waste any more time. Buy, buy. Sell? No, buy. Tickets to Remix are $25 for adults, $20 for students, $12 for members. It runs from 7pm-1am (note the extended hours), but the first 50 people to arrive in sailor shirts get in for free. Expect a line, expect crowds, expect a lot of entertainment, including:

7:45-8pm, 10-10:20pm
Performances by the Harlequin Hipsters and Can Can Castaways.

DJ/dancing by Tigerbeat.

9, 10 & 11pm
Artist trivia with the Geeks Who Drink.

The Portrait Challenge with Seattle-based artist Ryan Molenkamp.

Plus…a marimba player, a harpist in the Baroque galleries, and guided tours of the Picasso exhibit.

Go to to buy tickets (the time you select is just for viewing Picasso’s work, not the time you’re allowed into the museum).

For a preview of the collection, spanning the artist’s entire career, click here.

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