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Weeds in Seattle?!

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By Laura Dannen August 27, 2010

Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and her brood escape to Seattle in season 6 of Weeds.

Welcome to the first of what (I hope) is a weekly Pop Watch blog, where I bring you totally inane, Seattle-friendly pop culture news to ease you into the weekend.

We’re starting strong: After a year of waiting…impatiently waiting for the sixth season of Weeds to start, we got a killer first episode on August 16 (killer, ha) where—spoiler!—we learn that Shane really did club the life out of creeper Pilar, and now the entire Botwin family is on the run. Know where they ended up? Be still my nerdy heart, they’ve escaped to Seattle, where they’re working/hiding out in an "upscale hotel" and presumably selling brownies at Hempfest. Now, I’d be writing about this sooner, but I don’t have Showtime and have to get my weekly Weeds fix through … less traditional methods. But I plan to keep you posted on the Botwins’ movements, Nancy’s bitchiness levels, and how Shane’s settling into his new role as family sociopath.

Avatar is being re-released in theaters today with nine new minutes of footage—including, according to a James Cameron interview with MTV, more "alien foreplay" between Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). Because that’s what I’ve been waiting to drop $14 to see….hmm. Cameron came through Seattle on Tuesday with his wife Suzy and the Black Eyed Peas for a special fundraising screening of Avatar at the Pac Sci IMAX. He did zero interviews…excellent.

Plenty of big names coming to town over Labor Day weekend for Bumbershoot, but I’m strangely excited about seeing local Sir Mix-A-Lot at a Wheedle’s Groove screening at Northwest Film Forum on September 9. (Read more here.)

Know how Rainn Wilson is doing a local standup show with (yet to be named) costars from The Office in October? The Shorecrest High grad also has one of the most addictive Posterous pages I’ve ever come across. Three words: "Problems with Kelly."

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