Avatar was long. But we still want to see the nine new minutes of footage anyway.

We found James Cameron on Craigslist. No, not in the personals.

It’s a promotion for a private prescreening of Avatar: Special Edition before the updated blockbuster opens to the public on August 27. The rendezvous point: the Boeing IMAX Theater at Pacific Science Center on August 24; reception’s at 5:30pm, with the 3D action following at 7. Don’t leave before the credits end, though, because director James Cameron will lead a Q & A after the screening. But it doesn’t stop there—there’s nine minutes of new footage! [Insert silent scream in Na’vi here.]

Microsoft, EMC Consulting, HP, IMAX Corporation and 20th Century Fox are cosponsoring the event, which will benefit the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington and MUSE, Suzy Cameron’s foundation for early education. (Cameron is expected to join her husband at the screening.)

Snagging tickets (which are $250 or $500, for different seat locations) requires a bit of planning. Here’s the Craigslist ad’s list of demands…um, "RSVP steps":
1. Email [email protected] to let them know:
a) Names of those who will be attending.
b) The ticket level that each person wants ($250, $500).
c) The email address for each person attending (we will use this for confirmations).
d) U.S. postal address to send tickets.
2. They’ll send you the address to which you can send your check.
3. When they receive your check, they’ll send your tickets and a confirmation packet .

We promise it’s real—we checked it out with the Pac Sci Center and a rep at Microsoft. But don’t ask us why they’re advertising through Craigslist.

Tickets to the IMAX screenings on August 27 and beyond are already available here .

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