Write Your Novel at Pilot Books

Apply for one of the indie bookstore’s new micro-residencies, make $80, and write all day.

By Mary Pritchard July 2, 2010

Want to be the next Colson Whitehead? Start with a micro-residency at Pilot Books.

Pinch yourself, fellow dreamers and creative writers: Someone wants to pay you to sit, surrounded by books, and write all day.

The cozy Pilot Books up on Capitol Hill is giving the creative community a stab at this seemingly unreachable fantasy this summer in the form of Micro-Residencies.

Here’s the sitch: Pick a day (or two) when you’re free to work at Pilot Books (and work, of course, means making intellectual and literary conversation on top of ringing up a few purchases), and in your down time, devote yourself to crafting that masterpiece.

On top of the $80 per day you’ll pocket, Pilot Books will publish whatever poetry, prose, fiction, or comics that spring forth during your residency in a limited edition chapbook series, FINANCIALS.

To make this almost-too-good-to-be-true dream possible, prove you’ve got the right stuff by emailing your best work, a short bio, and an idea of what you’d like to work on during your residency to [email protected]

Out of towners, fear not: Summer Robinson, the owner of Pilot Books, is even throwing in free lodging on her couch, if needed.

Days Available
July 2
July 4
July 10-11
July 18
Aug 7-8
Aug 21-22
Aug 28
Sept 4-5

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