We just now got back from lunch, too. Our excuse? Glen Phillips (front man of Toad the Wet Sprocket) took us out to lunch. Okay, so he didn’t exactly pay—but his guitar and voice were a nice pairing with that salad from Whole Foods.

Phillips didn’t plan to be a ’90s rock star (who does?). He had hoped to teach the arts to high school students, but when he and his buddies from Santa Barbara realized people liked their folk-rock sound, his teaching career ended up on the back burner. Toad the Wet Sprocket (named after a Monty Python sketch) hit the Top 20 with their single “All I Want” and became an overnight success. Phillips went solo at the start the new century, and has since released three studio albums and two independent EPs, including his 2008 Secrets of the New Explorers.

Took a working lunch today? We’ve got you covered with the rest of this summer’s Out to Lunch acts along with some other FREE (or at least wallet friendly) concerts still on the lineup this summer.

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