Recommended: The Trip to Bountiful

Home is where your annoying daughter-in-law isn’t. An elderly woman stages a great escape in this endearing drama.

By Laura Dannen May 20, 2010

Freedom! Carrie Watts (left, Owens) and new friend Thelma (Jessica Martin) enjoy a bus ride across Texas in The Trip to Bountiful. Photo courtesy Chris Bennion.

You can’t go wrong with ACT’s latest production, Horton Foote’s The Trip to Bountiful. Yale Drama grad and stage veteran Marianne Owen stars as the elderly Carrie Watts, who wants nothing more than to escape the confines of a tiny Houston apartment—that rings with the suffocating screech of her daughter-in-law Jessie Mae (Mary Kae Irvin)—just to see her hometown Bountiful before she dies. With a cast of stand-outs and creative staging, Foote’s endearing tale still hits home…wherever home may be.

The Trip to Bountiful runs through June 6.

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