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Preview: Andy Warhol Media Works at Seattle Art Museum

We take you inside ‘Love Fear Pleasure Lust Pain Glamour Death’ before its May 13 opening.

By Laura Dannen May 12, 2010


We all know Andy Warhol‘s fascination with Marilyn Monroe, Chairman Mao, Campbell’s soup. But some of his lesser known media works—Polaroids, screen tests, photobooth strips—focus on the superstars of his personal life, inside the Factory: writers, musicians, actors, drag queens, poets, and beauties like Edie Sedgwick and Baby Jane Holzer. Warhol, fascinated with the fleeting nature of celebrity, captures his friends and muses with a grittier, stripped-down aesthetic, encouraging them to “be anything they wanted to be” in front of the camera. The images of Love Fear Pleasure Lust Pain Glamour Death are on display at Seattle Art Museum from May 13-September 6, but we got to go inside before the exhibit opened. Take a peek. (Click on the slideshow above.)

Photos by Laura Dannen.

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