One cookie too many Dory (Marshall Allman) suffers the side effects of baked goods in The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle.

Tribeca Film, a brand-new distribution arm of New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, has snapped up local filmmaker David Russo’s dark comedy The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle. This sweet deal includes a theatrical run from May 12–18 at NYC’s Tribeca Cinemas (Russo will attend the premiere) and a spot in every cable and satellite carrier’s video on-demand channel under “Tribeca Film”; Tribeca estimates up to 40 million households will have access to the 15 films they’ve selected for this year.

Kudos also go to Northwest Film Forum for helping to produce the film as part of its Start-to-Finish program, which nurses locally written movies from an infant idea to a full-grown feature. (Updated 8/10/10: The film screens at NWFF Aug 13-19.)

I caught the clever Little Dizzle—one of those rare films featuring men giving birth (Junior, anyone?)—at last year’s Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and found it at turns disturbing and endearing. It revolves around twentysomething Dory (Marshall Allman, one of the newest cast member of HBO’s True Blood), who loses his boring office job and finds work as a janitor in a high-rise that houses a shifty market-research firm. Leading the crew of motley mop swingers is O.C., an awesomely manic Vince Veiluf, who shows Dory the art of urinal cleaning. While indulging in work-time shenanigans with his misfit co-workers, Dory discovers discarded cookies in the trash—still in their plastic wrap, mind you—from said research firm. One bite, two bites, three bites…floor. These artificially enhanced baked goods cause some serious side effects, including daytime hallucinations (visually realized by Dutch animator Rosto) and male pregnancy. But you’ve never seen a baby like this.

The film premiered at Sundance last year to a sold-out crowd and went on to show at South by Southwest, SIFF, San Francisco International Film Festival, and won prizes at Downtown Film Festival–Los Angeles and Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal (best feature film and best director, respectively).

Congrats to Russo—who has worked as a janitor before—and Little Dizzle for making it all the way to New York in one piece. The film screens at Northwest Film Forum Aug 13-19, with Russo in attendance for every screening.

For more info on local filmmakers in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival (April 21-May 2), click here.

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