There Are Still Two Ways to See Soundgarden Tonight

Camp it at the bar. Sell your grandma’s antiques.

By Christopher Werner April 16, 2010


Your last chance at scoring tix to tonight’s surprise Soundgarden concert at Showbox vanished about 45 minutes ago—that’s when someone successfully completed the band’s Twitter scavenger hunt, which landed her admission to the show. Congrats to that person, bummer for the rest of us.

Alas, you still have two options, albeit slightly desperate ones: Haul it down to First Avenue and join the slowly growing line waiting to snag a spot at the Showbox bar. The doors open at 4pm—aka 30 minutes from now. When I was down there a few minutes ago the count was about 20 people deep. You won’t be inside with the rest of the revelers, but at least you’ll be able to hear the music and somewhat soak up the scene.

Or you can fork out…your antique collection? This guy on Craiglist isn’t look for money for his two tickets—he’s "willing to trade them for antiques or anything old." On the other hand, this person is asking for a minimum of $300.

We’re sure grammy would understand if you swapped that armoire for an epic occasion such as this.

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