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Team Coco Came, Saw, Rocked Out

Didn’t see Conan O’Brien at McCaw Hall? Me neither. Thankfully, there’s YouTube.

By Laura Dannen April 20, 2010

I can’t believe I missed this. If it wasn’t awkward to cry at work, I would. Conan O’Brien’s sold-out McCaw Hall shows (April 19 & 20) had a bit of everything, according to other, luckier people who managed to get tickets in the 30-second window they were actually on sale. (No bitterness, I swear.) Over the course of two nights, Andy Richter cracked on the Fremont Troll, Triumph the Insult Dog offered a video greeting, Conan turned 47 and celebrated his birthday with the audience (plus, um, played the guitar) and special guest Dave Matthews played "Bartender." Oh, and then these guys come on last night, making LaBamba the happiest man in Seattle.

(Thanks to toddrichert and pyronius for use of their excellent videos.)

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