Contrary to popular belief, books are still sold in stores.

For the entire month of March, Pilot Books on Broadway has lured people into its Bookfest with the promise of a reading or workshop every day for the entire month. That’s an impressive feat for a tiny shop dedicated solely to independently published tomes. If you’re curious, there are three final readings this week, and Pilot Books owner Summer Robinson is sure you’ll have a good time—if you’re into experimental prose and confrontational fiction, that is.

Tonight at 6, poet Sarah Mangold will read what Robinson calls “innovative prose.” If you’re into poetry that is “more classic and lyrical,” tomorrow’s 6pm reading and writers’ workshop led by Kim-An Lieberman (an English teacher at Lakeside School) should do the trick. Bookfest’s final reading on Wednesday by Tao Lin (a new author reviewed last year by New York mag) should satisfy fans of “contemporary and controversial or weird fiction.” “His writing is in this unique voice,” Robinson said. “It’s new, and some people are having a hard time digesting it.”

Lin will give a lecture at noon with a Q & A session to follow; his final appearance at 6pm kicks off the Bookfest’s wrap party. Attendees can expect music, refreshments, and the prospect of rubbing shoulders with some of the festival’s distinguished guests. (Find a list of past readers here. )

Robinson already has big plans for next year’s Bookfest. She admitted it’s been hard managing an event of this size and scope when the store’s staff consists of two other employees, but with luck, next year’s fest will have a larger crew and readings will take place at different venues around town. “I want to do justice to every author that walks in the door,” said Robinson. “I hope we’re able to do it again next year—and better.”

To find out more about Pilot Books (tucked upstairs in the Alley Building) click here.

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