Check out these shows before they close on Sunday. If you’re on the fence, read what we had to say about each:

Polaroids: Mapplethorpe, Henry Art Gallery
“Though they do feature the formal portraiture that would later bring him renown, Mapplethorpe’s Polaroids possess a touching sense of freedom absent in his more famous photos. You can almost hear Mapplethorpe and his various subjects breathing heavily, or giggling furiously, over their often horny camaraderie. The shared privacy with transgressive partners at play lends these pictures a soft, singular innocence.” [Read more here.]

Michelangelo: Public and Private, Seattle Art Museum
“Michelangelo wanted us to believe that he painted the Sistine Chapel with divine inspiration and without sketches. Don’t believe the hype… 12 of his original drawings—charcoal sketches of arms, legs, torsos, and faces—offer insight into the arduous process of painting the Sistine Chapel and The Last Judgment. They hang framed next to floor-to-ceiling reproductions of the two masterpieces, so you can see how an outline becomes art.” [Read more here]

Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain, Henry Art Gallery
“Bleak snapshots of Washington and Oregon rivers, felled trees, weathered outdoorsmen, rundown cabins, and gray forest landscapes capture a primitive Northwest untouched by urban life.”