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FREE Ignite Seattle is TONIGHT

Hear 5-minute lectures on everything, from philosophy to "how to sneak into bars"

By Laura Dannen December 1, 2009

Head to Geek Mecca tonight—aka King Cat Theatre —for the eighth installment of Ignite Seattle, a series of five-minute lectures that run the gamut from silly (a 19-year-old student explains how to sneak into bars) to serious (Google vs. Microsoft).

Though the talks are geared toward "tech geeks and Internet junkies"—which, in all honesty, is about 3/5 of Seattle—this night will entertain most people. We’re enamored by philosophy major Scott Berkun, who’s "convinced I can give people a better education in philosophy…in five minutes than I got in four years." Or how about Jason Carmel, whose talk is entitled "Defamation and Twitter: A Practical Guide to Covering Your Ass."

Doors open at 7; the evening starts at 7:30pm with a recession-themed icebreaker. Seventeen speakers to follow, each speeding through 20 slides in five minutes. (That’s 15 seconds a slide—who says art editors can’t do math?) Find the full lineup, in order of appearance, here.

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