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Deck the Hall Ball is sold out? Details, details…

We looked for tickets so you don’t have to

By Laura Dannen December 9, 2009

(Video: “Starlight,” from Black Holes and Revelations, Muse)

Next Tuesday’s Deck the Hall Ball might—just might!—be the best holiday rock bill this side of Yakima. The lineup is so deep, French quartet Phoenix — with one of Time magazine’s top 10 albums of 2009 — isn’t even headlining. They’re playing next to Jared Leto’s eyeliner-lovin’ 30 Seconds to Mars, Vampire Weekend, Metric, and local rockers Visqueen. Oh, and main attraction Muse, British alt-rock kings who seem to be headlining every major stadium in the world right now.

One problem: The show’s sold out.

Not that that ever stopped us before. Check out the following options where tickets are still available.

Feeling Lucky?
From now until the concert on Dec 15, you can win tickets from show sponsor 107.7 The End by listening to their station, friending them on Facebook, Tweeting them, MySpacing them, Mobile End’ing them (whatever that means). Worth a shot.

The Pros
Ever clutch, Seattle Craigslist has about 50 matches for Deck the Hall Ball, ranging from $99-$150 per ticket. They’re a bit higher on StubHub ($119-$177) and run the gamut on eBay ($99-$225). Note: Tickets were originally $44.50, so decide for yourself how much these are worth. For this much fun on a Tuesday night, we’re willing to spend more than usual.

Additional reporting by Kristin Cordova.

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